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Walking was the first thing I relearnt. I learnt to walk in the rehabilitation centre. The Physiotherapists had to train my body to sit up, stand unaided, balance and then eventually walk. I used a wheelchair and a walking frame. I spent many hours in the gym being supported to strengthen my very weak body.  After 5 months, I learnt to walk independently, albeit very wobbly. When I entered the nursing home, I regressed and lost the ability to walk independently. Perhaps it was because no one else was walking, so I might not have felt encouraged to walk or because I spent up to 23 hours a day in bed!


Over the past 15 years, I have been doing physiotherapy and now walk quite well - even in heels! I am currently concentrating on improving my balance and co-ordination. I even managed to complete “Run Melbourne” (a 5 km walking event) to raise money to help get young people out of nursing homes. 

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