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My Recovery



It is still shocking to me that my prognosis when I sustained my brain injury at the age of 19 was that I would remain in a vegetative state, only blinking my eyes for the rest of my life. It is still shocking to me, that I was not immediately granted the opportunity for rehabilitation just as a basic human right. I can’t believe that my parents had to fight hard for me to be granted 5 and a half months of rehabilitation, only to be told that I was costing the system too much and the only option for care and accommodation for me was a nursing home. 


I will be forever grateful to my parents for never giving up on me, believing in me and my potential, advocating for me and supporting me every step of the way to get to where I am today. 


I want to share with you some basic information about my recovery in the hope that my story will help you to never give up on yourself and others.  I have written this with the help of my support worker as my memory is still very much impacted by my ABI. If you or a loved one is interested in finding out more detailed information about my recovery in order to help someone going through something similar, please contact me via the contact page and my support team and I will do our best to give you more information.

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