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Public Speaking

Michelle launched her public speaking business “The Sky’s the Limit” at the end of 2009.


Michelle presents her inspirational story of recovery to assist others to face their own obstacles with courage and perseverance. She aims to give her audience hope by highlighting that if she can achieve all of her goals against incredible odds, so can her audience reach any of their goals. Michelle encourages people to break down their goals into tiny achievable steps and to never give up!


Michelle shares compelling footage of her incredible journey of recovery to help her audience grasp the enormity of her story and encourages question and answer time to enable the many issues raised from her story to be explored.


Michelle’s courage, perseverance, faith, determination and extraordinary strength in the face of adversity, is uplifting and motivating.


Michelle presents in schools, universities, community groups and organisations across Melbourne. Michelle also presents at conferences and on radio.


Presentations can be customised to suit the needs of the audience.

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