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Summer Foundation, established in 2006, is committed to growing a movement that will resolve the issue of young people living in nursing homes. Summer Foundation are conducting research providing an evidence base for policy change and developing integrated housing demonstration projects in order to increase the range and number of supported accommodation options. Along with this, Summer Foundation are supporting people with disability to share their stories with the Australian community to keep the issue on the political agenda.

This is an issue close to Michelle’s heart, as she was forced to live in a nursing home for 16 months as a result of her asthma attack. It is for this reason that she was approached to be an Ambassador for the Summer Foundation, a role that she has embraced over the last five years.


Summer Foundation Ambassadors are young people who have a direct, personal link to the issue of young people in nursing homes. They share their journeys to raise community awareness about the urgent need to develop choice and options for young people with disability. In sharing their stories, Ambassadors are able to demonstrate the valuable and significant contributions that young people with disability can make to our society.

As an Ambassador, Michelle volunteers her time in a variety of ways. She speaks at conferences, attends focus groups and community events, does radio interviews and meets with politicians to advocate the importance of this issue and help to bring about change.

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