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Regaining my speech was very difficult. In the beginning, I used a communication chart pointing to different pictures to try and answer questions that people asked me. This was incredibly difficult for me. My mum tells me that not only did it take a huge amount of effort and time for me to make one pointing gesture at a picture when I was being asked and guided to do so, but my brain wouldn't generate the idea to point to anything. 


When I left the nursing home and returned home just before my 21st birthday, I was speaking just a few words. Since returning home, I have worked exceptionally hard to regain the ability to speak. My aim has always been to be understood as well as possible. 


I now speak to thousands of people per year, sharing my story to give hope to others. Who would have thought that I would make somewhat of a carer out of speaking! I still work hard, a minimum of 6 hours a week at improving my speech and communication skills as this is very important to me.

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