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Year 9 Reflection Day- Wednesday 17 July 2017


On the 17th of July, the Year 9 cohort had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Newland, a woman who at the age of 19 suffered a severe asthma attack and died in her Mother’s arms. A miracle happened and she awoke but was told that she was incapable of doing anything ever again except blinking but that didn't stop Michelle from achieving and improving. She re-learnt how to walk, talk, read, write and went on to become a public speaker to share her story with many young people, inspiring them with her life story and to never give up. She has achieved so much over time and overcome the impossible, who says anybody else can't as well? During the presentation, we learnt about Michelle's private life, watching a video of her before the accident and her recovery stages with her family. I felt rather sad watching and listening to her story, considering what a successful woman she was before the accident and what a successful woman she became after it. I also felt happy to see how happy she was with her life now and it made me realise that some people have it worse than others, to not take anything for granted and to never give up, because you can achieve the impossible if you just try. She was such an inspirational person to listen to and to watch.


Ivana Giannakoulis - 9 Catherine

Testimonial 4

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